We offer pressure washing services, for residential and commercial in Orlando and Central Florida areas.


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Concrete & Stucco

Pressure Washing Florida Concrete & Stucco

these types of surfaces trap dirt, dust and grime and often encourage the growth of mold and algae. At Pressure Washing Florida, our methods can handle the toughest jobs, while making sure that we protect the property from damage. We can clean any concrete or stucco surface. Call today for a free estimate.

Will pressure washing remove rust stains in concrete?

Concrete is porous and rust stains can be difficult to remove. Pressure washing can remove most rust stains, for really stubborn stains we may need to use a stronger cleaning solution. This is decided on a case by case basis. Minor rust stains on non-porous surfaces are usually easily removed with pressure washing.

Are your pressure washing services affordable?

We try our best to tailor our services to fit our customers’ budgets. Of course, just like with anything else, you get what you pay for. Contact us to receive a free, no obligation estimate and we will evaluate your needs and give you a fair estimate. Once you see what we offer at an affordable price you will see that we are the right choice.We want you to come back year after year and recommend us to friends and neighbors.


Walkways and Driveways 1200 sq. $99.00 Special!

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