We offer pressure washing services, for residential and commercial in Orlando and Central Florida areas.


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Exteriors of Residential or Commercial Properties

Pressure Washing Florida Exteriors of Residential or Commercial Properties

Allowing your residential or commercial property to look dingy and dirty affects the value of the property. At Pressure Washing Florida, we can help you keep your home or business looking great all year round. Many of our customers contact us when they are selling their home or business, so that prospective buyers can be impressed with the potential of the property. We also are often called upon to remove old, chipped and faded exterior paint, before new paint is applied to a property. Whatever your pressure washing need, call Pressure Washing Florida for a free estimate.

Is pressure washing expensive?

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised when we hand them our free, no obligation estimate. We try to make sure that we give each customer affordable options that will address their pressure washing needs. Give us a chance to go offer your choices and will help you meet your budget goals.

There are so many companies that offer pressure washing, why should I choose yours?

You are right, there is a lot of competition in our industry, but there are also a lot of people that provide lackluster service and don’t stand behind their work. That is not us. At Pressure Washing Florida, we have a proven reputation of being fair, affordable and following through with our promises. We want our customers to come back to us time and time gain, as well as recommend us to all of their friends and neighbors. We do that by striving to be the best.

Pressure Washing Florida- Exterior Staircases and Steps

Taking care of exterior staircases and steps, not only improves the look of the property, but it helps to avoid accidents due to slips or falls. The residue created by dirt, mold or algae can become slippery and dangerous. In some cases, the wood can actually become degraded and affect the integrity of the steps and railings themselves. Our powerful, safe cleaning solution can handle even the toughest jobs.

Should I consider taking care of other areas of my property that could use cleaning while you are here?

We work with our customers and offer a thorough evaluation with affordable options that will cover all of their pressure washing needs. Talk with our representative when they provide you with your free no-obligation estimate and see how we can further assist you and make your property shine.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Pressure Washing Florida is licensed and insured. We are a reputable, professional company that prides itself on maintaining a great reputation and excellent customer service. Call us today and experience the difference.


Walkways and Driveways 1200 sq. $99.00 Special!

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