We offer pressure washing services, for residential and commercial in Orlando and Central Florida areas.


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Mobile Homes

Pressure Washing Florida Mobile Homes

Have you noticed that your mobile home has become dirty and dingy? At Pressure Washing Florida, we can help. Mobile homes are often made of aluminum and or vinyl as well as other materials. Our pressure washing technicians are trained to handle a variety of surfaces and situations. The cleaning solution that we use is powerful and environmentally friendly. At Pressure Washing Florida we get rid of the toughest grime safely and for your protection, we are licensed and insured. Call us for a free estimate.

There is a lot of mold and algae on my mobile home from the trees on my property, can Pressure Washing Florida help with that?

Absolutely, we can help. Florida is notorious for the heat, humidity and stormy weather which all contribute to the unsightly buildup of dirt, mold and/or algae on your mobile home. We use tried and true techniques combined with cleaning agents that not only get the job done, but are safe.

Are their any past customers that can recommend your pressure washing service?

Yes, We are very fortunate to have built relationships with customers who are delighted to share how Pressure Washing Florida did a great job for them.


Walkways and Driveways 1200 sq. $99.00 Special!

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