We offer pressure washing services, for residential and commercial in Orlando and Central Florida areas.


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Pressure Washing Patios & Decks

Pressure Washing Florida Patios & Decks

Florida residents appreciate that we can sit out on our decks and patios all year round entertaining, barbequing and enjoying gorgeous Florida sunsets. Our decks and patios are exposed to the elements, dirt and grime throughout the year.

How often should I have my patio or deck pressure washed?

At Pressure Washing Florida we recommend that you have us pressure washer these areas at least once a year. Many of our customers opt to have us come out every fall and spring to make sure these surfaces stay dirt and debris clean. Florida humidity encourages the growth of mold and algae. Arranging for bi-annual visits allows us to address any mold or algae issues that may develop and get them under control.

Are your products safe for my plants and pets?

Our cleaning solution is strong enough to get rid of algae, mold and grime from crevices and cracks, while preserving the beauty of the wood, concrete or brick surfaces. We use chemicals that are effective, yet they are not harsh or destructive and they are environmentally friendly.

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